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Chameleons have the ability to adapt and blend in. So do we. It’s who we are and what we do without blinking an eye. Successful marketing and branding require the ability to adapt and pivot with the fast pace of today’s climate. Abby Marmion started Chameleon Company, LLC with the purpose of offering clients creative marketing strategies and solutions. We build and maintain relationships that enable us to seamlessly blend in and collaborate together with our client teams so we can turn their “once upon a time” into a “happily ever after”.


People often ask, how does one make the leap from marketing to songwriting? Abby has been a professional writer since college and took 10 years of classical piano. She was influenced by her grandfather, Frankie Parrish, a tenor, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and recording artist in several of the Big Bands that were popular in the 1930s and 40s. To her, words are just words, whether they’re created with a pen and paper for an ad campaign or alongside a guitar and a keyboard to craft a song. Songwriting is like creating a puzzle from scratch, then diving in to solve it.

About Abby Marmion

Since Abby Marmion was a young girl, she has been a curious, creative thinker and storyteller with a drive to learn about and explore all that life has to offer. Hard work and ambition paid off over the years, enabling Abby to eventually start her own marketing and creative services firm – a dream that was inspired by her parents. She enjoys a challenge that requires a balanced mix of knowledge, skill and creativity.

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